​The Jewish Federation of Central Alabama makes overnight summer camp experience available to local Jewish families and youth. Each child of a member(s) of JFCA shall be eligible for these grants to offset the registrations fees required to attend overnight Jewish youth camps. Priority will be given to first time campers.

  • Nathan Ashner Camp Ramah Darom 2016

    My summers at Camp Ramah Darom are magical; I'm doing what I love, with the people I love, at the place I love. My fondest summer memories are all from Camp. I learn more about myself "Jewishly" every year. Camp has really helped mold my Jewish identity into what it is today. And it has helped me realize that I want to be a Rabbi when I grow up. I believe that a summer away from camp is a summer wasted. Which is why I hope to be returning to Darom next year as a counselor!

Please complete and submit the following application by March 15, 2016 to Applications may also be sent by fax to 334-277-8383 or mailed to: The Jewish Federation of Central Alabama I PO 20058 I Montgomery, AL 36120

Summer camp grant

To attend a four-week session in a Jewish camping experience

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Summer camp grant

To attend a two-week session in a Jewish camping experiance

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  • Cindy Kaufman Jacobs Camp 2016

    Going to Jacobs Camp was so much fun. There were so many fun things to do! I made so many new friends and I learned about many Jewish values such as humanity, self confidence, wellness and compassion.
    Jewish boys and girls should definitely consider coming to Jacobs Camp—it changed my perspective on Judaism and helped me become more involved in my Torah studies. Overall, camp was an amazing experience, which I hope to share with others!



The Jewish Federation of Central Alabama makes Israel Program grants available to local Jewish families and youth. It is the intent of the JFCA to encourage Jewish persons (high school youth, college students and young adults) to visit and engage with Israel. By doing so, we hope that the numbers of those who have the opportunity to go to Israel will increase. It is also the intent of JFCA to build and sustain strong commitment to Judaism among our youth, who will be our leaders of tomorrow.

  • Zac Mendelsohn NFTY’s L‘Dor v’Dor Israel program 2016

    My experience in Israel was the greatest experience of my life. I really got to learn and express my Judaism a lot more when I was there. On my trip, I got to experience how the Jewish culture lived and learned about the history of Israel. I participated in tours where I learned and experienced the other countries that border Israel. It was scary and interesting at the same time on how many countries surround Israel and how small it was compared to the other countries.

  • The Western Wall was the highlight of my trip because you learn and feel how the Jewish people were throughout the years. I also prayed and wrote a note to put my own stamp on my experience. This trip made me feel and think about how I live in America that is so different and sometimes similar to how the Jewish people live in Israel. I really suggest that all Jewish people (kids included) should go and experience Israel at least once in their lifetime.

Israel Program Grant

To attend a first time trips to Israel

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If you have any questions, please contact either Tzlil McDonald at 277-5820 or Kathy Hass at 277-1697.